Half Day Excursions


Bamburi Nature Trail (Haller Park) and Mamba Village

This once bare and lifeless limestone quarry has been transformed into a veritable Garden of Eden, with a guide, one walks along the Bamburi Nature Trail (Haller park), where hippo, buffalo and different antelopes as well as many other species, including a wide spectrum of tropical bird life, living among nature surroundings. Please note that the feeding time of the giraffes is at 1500hrs and hippo is at 1600 hrs, which is very exciting.


Unique is Baobab Fish Complex, where Tilapia is raised from fry to full growth. Continue to the Crocodile Farm where you can watch a film showing all phases of saurian life and follow a conducted tour landscaped garden where full protection allows visitors to see crocodiles in every stage of development.

Return to your hotel in the evening.


from NC 55 € | 75 $ | 46 £
from SC 56 € | 89 $ | 54 £




Bush Tour

When in Africa why not experience a part of the Local people’s daily life? We have established a unique contact to the local community at Diani Beach where you have the ultimate opportunity to get a sight of Traditional Medicine still being practiced, visiting a home of a typical African Family and meeting pupils at the local school. Visit the local markets and continue to Kenya Marineland, where you can see sharks and other tropical marine life in giant aquariums. You may also watch the famous Makonde carvers at work.


We will also visit a Snake Park where snakes like Black and Green Mamba, Puff Adder, Spitting Cobra can be seen.


Return to your hotel in the early afternoon.


from NC 30 € | 40 $ | 28 £
from SC 25 € | 45 $ | 24 £



Full Day Excursions

Visit Bombolulu with Lunch

Founded in 1969, Bombolulu Workshop is a project of the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK). The project trains and employs over 180 persons with disabilities in handcraft production and related business skills. The Cultural Center was added in 1994 and portrays the rural way of life and work as it existed in the past and still exists in many remote areas of Kenya. All hand crafted products manufactured by the gifted artisan are displayed in the Retail Showroom where visitors are able to purchase high quality products with fair prices.


Visit Bombolulu Workshop and Cultural Center and experience Kenyan culture, arts and crafts. Visit the homestead and experience Kenyan culture for yourself. Traditional dance, music and theatre of their very best. Their exciting songs and dances “an experience to remember”. Delicious African specialties are available at the Bombolulu Ziga Restaurant buffet.


from NC 65 € | 90 $ | 55 £
from SC 75 € | 104 $ | 63 £




Malindi and Gedi Ruins with Lunch

Drive north along the coastline to Kilifi, passing extensive sisal fields dotted with huge baobab trees continue to Gedi, an ancient 13th Century town, in the heart of dense forest, mysteriously deserted in the 16th Century. Palaces, Mosques, Houses and walls are all superbly reserved. Then continue driving to Malindi where we visit the Marine Park in glass bottomed boats – don’t forget swimming suits and beach shoes.
A sumptuous sea food lunch awaits you at a Scorpio Villas or any other restaurant in Malindi. In the afternoon visit the historic Vasco da Gama’s Pillar. You will also be taken to the falconry, where Peregrine falcons are trained for export to the Middle East. Also visit a snake park.
Proceed on to Malindi town for a brief city tour with shopping before a visit to a typical Giriama Village to see their way of life and enjoy their traditional dance.

Return to your hotel in the evening.


from NC 65 € | 90 $ | 55 £
from SC 75 € | 104 $ | 63 £




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